LOGAN and Jeannie Nordland

Welcome to the home page of LOGAN and Jeannie Nordland!
My name is Logan.  I'm a 4 year old Black Lab mix who at one year of age was jailed at the Orange County Animal Shelter.  Jeannie bailed me out and promised lots of love and attention.  I was already a very affectionate, mellow guy just looking for the right someone to see that I love being the center of attention and adore children.
Jeannie and I were certified with Delta Society Pet Partners and became members of Pet Partners of Orange County in April 2003.  I work on the first and third Saturday of every month at Anaheim Memorial Medical Center and every other Thursday at University of California Irvine Medical Center . 
Jeannie works full time at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center while I stay home and chaparone the cat and parrots.
Jeannie  is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, WD6BWN.  She coordinates the Tournament of Roses Radio Amateurs (TORRA) that provide radio communications to the Tournament officials during the Rose Parade.  We get to spend New Year's in a motorhome on the front lawn of Wrigley Mansion (Tournament House) in Pasadena every year.  I'm in charge of squirrel patrol and hugs.
We are members of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services.  Jeannie is with the Auxillary Communications Service and we have been out at fire and emergency command posts where I help stressed out staff.

LOGAN & Jeannie Nordland