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The community gathering place of Delta Society Pet Partner Affiliate web sites and individual Pet Partner Team web pages. 
 Delta Society's Pet Partners Program trains volunteers and evaluates volunteers and their pets for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools and other facilities.
Check out the Affiliates page for links to local organizations in your area. 
Check out the Teams page for links to individual Team member web pages with photos of their pets and information on the experiences.
Obtain web space, design and maintenance for Delta Society Affiliates and members, at  a low cost.  Promote your organization or individual team activities.  Provide a site that potential facilities can view other facilities you visit and information about your animals.  Provide a site where people can find information to make donations to your group.  Promote your pet related business here too!  See the Site Info link for detail information and pricing.
Check out the "Forum" to compare experiences, and post requests for information or respond to others' postings.  Members and Guests welcome.
Enjoy your visit to our website.  Please share with other Delta members!

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